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4-H Nova Scotia at Home: Submissions

Browse this page for all of our weekly photo, challenge, worksheet submissions!

Week One Submissions!

Ash Rushton

Eva Greencorn MacRae (leader)

Nicole Martin “Scarlett”
Tammy Smith-Wentzell (leader) “Sweetie”
Marion Nickerson
(parent) “Whiskey”
Darla Goreham

Brooklyn Hipson

Abbie Foster “Abby”
Sara Henderson Amanda Giles-Malloy
(parent) Chloe and Ivy Zip-Lining
Ava Gross

Brooklyn Hipson

Keara Daniels

Grace Reynolds

Brooklyn Hipson

Daisy and Max
Nina Wile
(leader) “Holland”
Monica Gates

Kali Gaudet

Carly Oickle “Arcade”
Mikahla Dorey

New Brunswick 4-H Family

KC and Abby
Kari White
(leader) “Beau”
Lucie Levy

Maggie Broughton

Claire Kelly
(leader) Otis and Cobain
Madiya Patriquin

Rhylee Bower

Maddox Shand

Magali Kirkbright

Nicole Martin

Week Two Submissions!

Mother’s Day Brunch

Zoe Simmons

Jack Cowan

Making cookies for front line workers

Abbie Foster

Final Product

Abbie Foster

Stawberry Cheesecake

Connor Thimot


John Crawford

Basket Weave Cake

Keara Daniels

Apple Fritters

Nina Wile (leader)


Carris Austin

Nicole Monaghan (leader)

Brooklyn Hipson

Blueberry Cheesecake

Georgia Carter


Sarah Hodgson

Week Four Submissions!



Haylen Bezubiak


Carris Austin


Brooklyn Hipson


Week Five Submissions!

Keara Daniels

Angela and Brian Masters

Carris Austin

Week Seven Submissions!

Victoria Penney

4-H Weekend 2019

Amelia Pernette

Ashleigh Desjardins

Exhibition 2019

Brianna Hiltz

Pro Show 2019

Carris Austin

Claire Kelly

Open Show 2018

Drew Tarrant

Ella Porter

Achievement Day 2015

Isaac Atkinson

Jordan Emmett

Keara Daniels

Walk for Autism Petting Zoo 2019

Mikaela Ferrigno

Cumberland Exhibition

Nicole Monaghan

Hill N’ Dale Poultry Project

Sara Wood

Pro Show 2019

Terri Foster

Lunenburg Tug-of-War Team Pro Show 2019

Nicole Monaghan

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