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4-H NS Provincial Show 2024 FAQs

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Dear 4-H Community, 
Distribution: This communication has been sent to all registered members and leaders in the 4-H Nova Scotia program.
As a follow-up to the partnership announcement in December that the new Nova Scotia Stampede (hosted by the Rath Eastlink Community Centre) will overlap in dates with the 4-H Nova Scotia Provincial Show, September 27 – 29 in Bible Hill, we have been collecting your feedback through conversations with our regional staff (RPCs) and the inbox.  
Thank you for identifying your concerns; it has allowed us to develop the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which we will continue to build on and publish as new questions are received. We hope this FAQ will help clarify the event(s) and ease some of your concerns. We are committed to maintaining transparency throughout the planning process and will share information as it becomes available and permitted. 
What does this partnership mean, and what interest does 4-H have in hosting a stampede?  
4-H Nova Scotia is not hosting the stampede. Two events (4-H Nova Scotia Provincial Show and the Nova Scotia Stampede) are taking place at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Complex and the Truro Racetrack, in Bible Hill, that will run simultaneously during some of the 4-H NS Provincial Show schedule. 4-H NS staff are collaborating with the organizers of the NS Stampede to ensure the success of Provincial Show. The NS Stampede is not part of Provincial Show programming and will be in a seperated location. 
Is there room? Provincial Show takes up all the buildings in Bible Hill; where will the Stampede be?  
The NS Stampede will be taking place within the boundaries of the Truro Raceway. A brand-new, temporary, open arena with bleachers to house the NS Stampede event will be constructed within the center of the racetrack. 4-H NS Provincial Show will retain full access to and control of the buildings that are traditionally used for Provincial Show (including 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 14, 15, 16 in the map linked here) as well as outdoor rings and county trailer parking areas. 
Has Biosecurity been considered? 
The animals for the stampede are housed offsite entirely and trucked in only for their events. The public attending the NS Stampede will not have access to the animals used in the Stampede from the spectator area(s). As always, biosecurity protocols will be in place during 4-H NS Provincial Show. 
What about the damage the grounds suffered during Hurricane Fiona? 
4-H NS does not own the NS Provincial Exhibition Complex; therefore, we cannot comment on the extent of damage and the current progress of construction plans. However, we have a commitment from the venue owners confirming that the facility will be ready to accept this year’s 4-H NS Pro Show based on our maximum qualifying exhibit numbers. 
Will admission costs increase? 
4-H NS Provincial Show and NS Stampede are two separate events. There will be separate entrance points and admission fees for the Stampede and Provincial Show. A minimal admission for the 4-H NS Provincial Show will exist for the public but will not be charged to members and leaders (upon presentation of the 4-H NS membership card). 
Admission and ticket packages for the NS Stampede and their events will be available through the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC). 
Are there enough accommodations? 
Accommodations continue to be a concern, regardless of where 4-H NS Provincial Show is hosted. Unfortunately, 4-H NS cannot control hotel price setting. Camping will still be available for pre-booking onsite at the NS Provincial Exhibition Complex at a preferred rate for the 4-H NS community. 
The focus is on members. How will we support members when there are other events? 
Through working in collaboration with the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC) and NS Stampede, 4-H NS can coordinate schedules as best we can to support both events. Therefore, we can limit the overlap of crowd-drawers’ events, ensuring 4-H members do not lose their audience to the NS Stampede. 4-H NS anticipates that the NS Stampede events will occur exclusively in the evenings. Therefore, we are prepared to slightly move up our scheduling (if needed) to mitigate as much overlap as possible by evaluating possible opportunities to use the new Stampede show ring during the daytime/and or other areas within the infield- which should also reduce safety concerns. 
Alcohol consumption at these events- 4-H is dry! 
4-H NS events are dry and, as always, alcohol will not be permitted at 4-H NS Provincial Show. 4-H members and leaders sign the Code of Conduct annually, agreeing to abide by it. Therefore, if there are incidents of misconduct at 4-H NS Provincial Show, they will be handled as they would at other 4-H events. However, we cannot (nor do we intend to) prevent members or leaders from attending other events in the community. We trust that our members are responsible individuals who will continue to make good decisions should they wish to attend the NS Stampede. 
Regarding alcohol being present on the grounds, all licensed areas for alcohol consumption and sale will be housed within the Truro Raceway track as part of the NS Stampede. Alcohol will not be permitted outside of these identified areas. 
Won’t we need more security? 
Security will be present at both the NS Stampede and 4-H NS Provincial Show. 4-H NS has made arrangements to ramp up security this year due to the proximity of the NS Stampede. 
Can we just change the location of Provincial Show? Can we change the dates? 
No. 4-H NS is excited to showcase our program to a broader audience, build partnerships in our community, and allow members to have this unique experience – many members are excited about the prospect of attending the NS Stampede and for the opportunity to highlight their hard work to a broader audience. 4-H NS is proud of our relationship with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, and we appreciate the invitation to host at the NS Provincial Exhibition Complex as they try to expand this venue. 
Yours in 4-H,

4-H Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-843-3990
7 Atlantic Central Drive, East Mountain, NS, B6L 2R2


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