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Who We Are

4-H is a nation-wide, family-oriented, community-based, youth organization dedicated to the development of young Canadians, encouraging them to become responsible members of society. We help our youth “Learn To Do By Doing” in a safe, inclusive and fun environment, providing opportunities for leadership and life skills development, while promoting agriculture awareness.

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Our Mission

4-H is a positive youth development organization which promotes leadership, encourages the care and responsibility of our resources, and builds positive life skills to secure a sustainable future for Nova Scotia.

Our Mandate

To advance the 4-H program, in partnership with the Nova Scotia department of Agriculture, to strengthen communities by providing life and technical skills to those involved including members, leaders and parents.

  • Develop leadership and life skills in Nova Scotia youth
  • Encourage the education of the public about the 4-H program
  • Promote 4-H

The motto, “Learn To Do By Doing,” is an important process which applies to both members and leaders. Participating in the 4-H program will influence the development of 4-H members, leaders, families and communities in a positive way.

Our Progams

What will you do as a 4-H member? Record keeping, public speaking and demonstrations, judging, achievement day, exhibition, provincial show, club/county activities, tug-of-war, lumbersports and Camp Rankin to list a few! Find more info about each by visiting our projects, opportunities and events and programs pages.

4-H Nova Scotia Projects Opportunities and Events

Our History

4-H has been part of Nova Scotia communities since 1922, when the first 4-H club was organized in Heatherton, Antigonish County. The historical roots of the Canadian 4-H program are solidly grounded in rural Canada. The program originated for the purposes of improving agriculture, increasing and bettering production and enriching rural life. Its beginnings were inspired by energetic and idealistic agricultural officials, dedicated school teachers and others committed to ensuring young rural Canadians learned the important skills required to succeed on and off the farm.

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4-H Nova Scotia Partners and Sponsors

Many thanks to all our sponsors, partners and supporters for their continued work with 4-H Nova Scotia.

National Program Sponsors

Board of Directors

The 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors consists of volunteers and staff (ex-officio) representing all regions in Nova Scotia. The Board appoints committees of 4-H volunteers, members, and staff to assist, coordinate, and implement programs as required throughout the year.

4-H in Nova Scotia is supported by very active volunteers who work to support the mission of 4-H in the province. The objectives and mission of 4-H Nova Scotia are realized through the implementation of a great number of programs and activities for both the youth membership and adult volunteers.

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