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4H Nova Scotia Leaders

The success of our clubs depends on the dedication and enthusiasm of our Leaders.

Leaders are in a position of trust and act in a mentorship or supervision role to a group or individual 4-H members.

4-H members benefit from leaders who will:

  • set a good example;
  • be patient;
  • be a creative teacher or locate someone who can help with a project;
  • be understanding and earn the respect of the members;
  • have a good sense of humour, teach on the members level;
  • be easy for the member to talk to and a good listener;
  • give constructive criticism and praise when necessary without comparing to other members,
  • divides the work equally between all members.

Most of all, they are interested in children and their development as knowledgeable and caring citizens!

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General Leaders

This person is responsible for the general organization and administration of the club. This does not mean that general leaders do all these jobs; it means that they are responsible for seeing that they are done. Most clubs have found that the general leader’s job is full enough without having to teach a project as well.
Many general club leaders have found that sharing the general leader role with another leader can be a great help. They may split the jobs listed under the general leader to ensure a manageable workload for everyone.
The job of the general leader includes:
  1. Organization, including:
    • getting the club started at the beginning of the club year;
    • ensuring there are sufficient leaders and that they attend training meetings;
    • club registration and ordering and distribution of project material;
    • election of club officers and helping them carry out their jobs.
  2. Administration, includes:
    • keeping files for the club, secretary’s books, filing and mail;
    • keeping other leaders informed of club activities when required;
    • ensuring member and leader forms are filled in and they are aware of opportunities available to them.
  3. Club meetings / activities, including:
    • overseeing program planning;
    • working with committees to carry out the club meetings and activities;
    • overseeing Achievement Day planning.
  4. Evaluation, including:
    • ensuring the club evaluates the progress it has made from time to time.

Project Leaders

The job of the project leader is to teach a project to a group of members. Trained Leaders are responsible for planning meetings, explaining project requirements, skill development and ensuring the safety of members at 4-H events.

Screened Volunteer

Screened volunteers are an important part of our program. Screened volunteers can contribute to the Rule of Two and support Trained Leaders as extra helpers at project meetings and events. All adults in a position of trust who attend 4-H meetings or events on a regular basis should be screened volunteers.

Register as a 4-H Leader or Volunteer!

Visit our registration & screening page to find out what’s required to start a rewarding role as a leader or volunteer with your nearest 4-H club!

Registration & Screening

Trained Leader Report

Per 4-H Canada accreditation standards, all Trained Leaders and Screened Volunteers will be recognized on the 4-H Nova Scotia website. 

We thank all of the Trained Leaders and Screened Volunteers listed for their time and dedication to the 4-H Nova Scotia Program.  Their dedication makes it possible for 4-H NS to be a leading organization for safety and  youth development.

Trained Leader and Screened Volunteer Report
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