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Virtual Guidelines

Guidelines to Communications & Virtual Meetings in an Electronic Environment

Going Virtual? Compliance is essential to participate…

Each parent/guardian, adult volunteer – that is everyone in 4-H Nova Scotia, 19 years old and over, screened where required – who wishes to participate must complete the Virtual Guidelines form and click “submit” to send it electronically to the office.
Complete Virtual Guidelines Form!

Compliance with the document attached, 4-H Nova Scotia Instructions to Implement Communications and Virtual Meetings in an Electronic Environment, is required by 4-H Canada, in order to participate in electronic communications and meetings within 4-H Nova Scotia.

4-H Nova Scotia is grateful that the Board, Staff, and Leaders are finding new ways to virtually engage our members and one another. Continuing activities that are enjoyable and promote safe connections with peers are positive mental health activities all can adopt. Attached are 4-H Nova Scotia Instructions to Implement Communications and Virtual Meetings in an Electronic Environment. This protocol includes adaptations from Youth Safety at 4-H in Canada policies and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection guidelines for establishing boundaries for online schooling.

The Board encourages you to make members’ safety your top priority while you enjoy this time to build community within your club and support members. This is a new way of engaging our members and we are all learning together. The 4-H Nova Scotia Code of Conduct is always in effect. When in doubt, ask yourself: Would an observer consider my interaction with members and parents as reasonable and professional? Does this interaction conform with the 4-H in Nova Scotia Code of Conduct?

If you have any questions regarding this material or your requirements, please send an email to

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