To complete your project you will be required to attend County Judging Day. Judging teaches members to consider the positive and negative points of a group of four articles/animals and to compare one with the other.

We use judging every day and is a great skill for youth! Example: You could be judging 4 pairs of footwear and rating the appropriateness for the current weather.

In 4-H you will learn to compare four articles/animals from your project work. When you leave 4-H, your judging experience will continue to help you make good choices.

Judging teaches 4-H members to make decisions based on quality, form an opinion, express that opinion effectively and improve memory and public speaking skills. 4-H members compare and then give brief, interesting, and sincere reasons.

Online Judging Classes

Online Judging Classes – please feel free to use these classes as practice before your county judging day!

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