Kevin Grant Tour

The 2022 Kevin Grant Rural Youth Leadership Tour will be held in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, from 24-26 June 2022. The application deadline is 10 June. Members aged 14-16 are eligible to apply.

Apply by 10 June 2022 –

Kevin Grant began 4-H with the Hardwood Lands 4-H Club in Hants County in 1966. He was a dedicated 4-Her, participating in club, county and provincial activities. He made many good friends from across Nova Scotia, and the 4-H program helped him develop skills that would help him later in his career with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (NSDA). Kevin enjoyed the fellowship of his 4-H friends, he was full of fun, loved to compete, enjoyed tours and was one of the first 4-H campers to attend camp at Camp Rankin. Kevin went to Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, and during the summers worked as a 4-H summer assistant. Kevin worked for the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture in many positions, including assistant to the Minister of Agriculture.

He was a strong supporter of 4-H, recognizing how it could help young people shape lives and gain valuable experiences. They could truly accomplish the 4-H motto, “Learn to do by doing” and, just as importantly, have fun doing so.

It is with this spirit in mind, that Kevin Grant wished to continue to support 4-H after his passing. He directed part of his estate to 4-H to be used for a program that represented many of the opportunities he wanted 4-H members to experience.

And so, in his memory, the Kevin Grant Tour began. Each year 10 members participate in the tour that rotates from region to region.

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