Public Speaking

4-H members complete a speech or a demonstration at Club Rally. Write a speech to tell the audience about a topic you’re passionate about, something that you can relate to, or your recent family vacation.

There are three categories:

  1. Junior:  4-H Age 9-12
  2. Intermediate:  4-H Age 13 – 15
  3. Senior 4-H Age 16 – 21

The junior category also contains an Introducer and Thanker component. Introducers write a short introduction to the speaker, and the thanker thanks the speaker (less than one minute) Senior speakers must also complete an impromptu speech.

How to Qualify:  Win at your club rally first.  In the junior category, clubs select winners for each of the Introducer, Speaker and Thanker categories.  Winners at the club level will go on to County and then regional rallies.  There is a space for each region in each category.

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