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Database (CRM Dynamics 365 Online) for 4-H Nova Scotia


Issue Date: APRIL 30, 2017

Closing Date: MAY 15, 2017

4-H Nova Scotia is the provincial governing body of 4-H in Nova Scotia. 4-H Nova Scotia has an ongoing partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture for the delivery of the 4-H program. 4-H Nova Scotia is a registered charity providing services to youth.

Invitation: 4-H Nova Scotia is seeking proposals for a qualified candidate to work with staff to develop a comprehensive database including membership information, project data, historical data and ongoing statistics. The successful candidate(s) must have experience in database creation, CRM Dynamics 365 online, not-for-profit structure and to create the required database suitable for 4-H Nova Scotia.

Objective: The objective of this request for proposal is to select a qualified consultant to develop the database, train staff and have ongoing support during the transition to the new database.

Background: Historically, information has been stored in multiple Access databases and 4-H Nova Scotia requires all data in one database.


The candidate(s) will be responsible for providing the following deliverables:

• Database – develop database keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the 4-H program, including:

o Membership information for approximately 2400 members and 700 leaders
o Project, club/county, awards, and general data
o Screening information for adult volunteers
o Import historical information from prior databases
o Up to 10 users with varying access
o Securely hold all membership information
o Allow reports to be created and changed as required
o Newsletter / form communications

• Candidate(s) will provide training to all users and ongoing support for an agreed upon period.

• Work is expected to commence in May 2017 and be ready for input by November 2017.


The evaluation of proposals will be based on:
• 25%: Demonstrated project understanding and methodology. Response to RFP requirements must be complete. Candidate(s) must demonstrate in their proposal that they have a clear understanding of this project. Candidate(s) need to articulate their proposals, intentions and expectations, indicating how they will fulfill the requirements of the RFP and what services they will provide.

• 35%: Experience and the proposed project team, including any sub-consultants with projects of similar size and complexity. Appropriate expertise should be provided by the project team members in their proposed respective roles.

• 20%: Time-lines/Proposed fee structure. A work plan, detailing all suggested steps in the process with an estimate of time and personnel required to complete each step should be provided. Availability and commitment of proposed project team members during the required time frame and information on backup personnel at appropriate organizational levels to be given. Fee structure is to include all travel and disbursements.

• 20%: References/Interview. After an initial review of the proposals, a candidate(s) shortlist may be created at the 4-H Nova Scotia’s sole discretion and references checked and interviews conducted. Interviews and reference checking will provide an opportunity for 4-H Nova Scotia and the candidate(s) to further gauge their fit and ability to work with each other.

Candidate(s) must provide a minimum of three (3) references that demonstrate successful competency with comparable work for similar clients. Provide a brief description of the project, the timelines and all relevant reference contact information. Alternatively, if one candidate clearly demonstrates they are the leading, after reference checks, 4-H Nova Scotia retains the option of bypassing the interview process and proceeding directly to the award stage.

Instructions to Candidate(s)

Closing Date/Time/Location

It is the sole responsibility of the Candidate(s) to submit their proposal by email to prior to 6:00 PM, May 15, 2017. Proposals received after the noted due time will not be considered.

Communications and Enquiries
All enquiries regarding this RFP are to be directed in writing by email to

Visit for more information about 4-H Nova Scotia.

Cover Letter & Signature
The Proposal should include a cover letter signed by a person authorized to legally bind the Candidate(s) to the statements made in the response to this RFP.

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