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Start a 4-H club in your community!

A 4-H Club can be started in any community with a group of youth 7-21 years of age who wish to become members and parents or adults who want to assist in a leadership capacity.

To get started, contact the Regional Program Coordinator (RPC) in the region in which you live. Email us or give us a call to find out who your RPC is.

Who is my Regional Program Coordinator?

The RPC will discuss the details of the 4-H program with you, determine the extent of interest, local leadership potential, and community needs of the youth, and answer any questions you may have.

During this meeting, prospective members and their parents and other interested persons in the community could meet with the RPC. During this meeting, the coordinator would outline the 4-H program, display project material available, learn about the members’ interests, and know how much community support a 4-H club would receive from the adults.

What Materials Would Be Required By A New 4-H Club?

  • Registration Forms (one for each member and leader)
  • Project manuals (one for each project)
  • Project newsletters and record sheets (one for each member and leader for each project – these arrive in January each year)
  • Secretary & Treasurer Record Books
  • 4-H Parliamentary Procedure Guide

These materials can be obtained from your regional Regional Program Coordinator (RPC).

At The Initial Meetings Of A New 4-H Club, The Following Decisions Should Be Made:

  1. Name for the club
  2. What projects the club will offer
  3. Who the leaders of the club will be
  4. Elect club officers as follows:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Club Reporter
    6. Committees as required
  5. Decide on a regular time and place for meetings. (General club meetings are usually held once a month)

Find a Club

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